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BRAG - commonly called three-card poker.  Three cards are dealt to each player face down.  The players then bet on the value of their hands for high, for low, or for both which is determined before the deal.  The rank of the hands is as follows:  3 of a kind, straight flush, straight, flush, pair, high card.  The game is usually played with three wild cards called braggers, which are the ace of diamonds, the jack of clubs, and the nine of diamonds and are ranked in that order.   A natural combination takes precedence over one containing a bragger.  For example, three natural fives would beat two fives and a barger' even though it also is declared three fives.  Similarly, two natural tens beats a ten of clubs and an ace of diamonds which in turn beats a ten of spades and a jack of clubs.


COMMUNITY CARD GAMES - refers to a group of games in which a card (or cards) are placed in the middle of the table for all players to use.  They are common to everyone.  Hence, they belong to the community.


DEALER'S CHOICE - applies to poker games in which the dealer can name the game to be played during that deal or hand.


DRAW - each player is dealt five cards face down and then there is a betting round.  (Guts to open.)  After the bet comes the draw.  (The draw can be either two, three, four or five cards depending on how many players.)  Standard draw is a player can draw three cards or four to an ace (four cards can be drawn if a player holds an ace).  There is then another betting round followed by the showdown.


NO PEEK - each player is dealt their cards face down and is not allowed to look at them.  Each player in turn then turns one card up at a time until they have beaten their predecessor; best hand wins, and can be played for high hand, low hand or high-low split.


NUMBER GAMES - these are games in which the ranks of the hands is according to the number of spots or pips in some predetermined fashion.  These can also be played high, low, or high-low.


SEVEN CARD POKER - any game of regular poker except the best seven cards are counted instead of the best five.  The order of the hands are as follows:  seven of a kind, straight flush, five of a kind with a pair, four of a kind with three of a kind, flush, straight, three of a kind with two pair.  If no player has one of the above hands then no one wins the pot and all those remaining in the game continue playing until someone qualifies using all seven cards.  (See page 1)


SIX CARD POKER - any game of regular poker except the best six cards are counted instead of the best five.  The order of the hands are as follows:  complete hands--six of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind with a pair, double triplets, flush, straight, if no one has a 'complete' hand (where all six cards are used as just given) then all players discard one card and play their best five with the usual order.  (See page 1)


STUD - there are many kinds of stud poker, the most common are Five-card and Seven-card stud.  The various kinds are listed and how they are dealt:

Five-card - dealt one down, four up; or one down, three up, and one down or two down, three up


Six-card - dealt one down, four up, one down; or dealt one down, five up


Seven-card- dealt two down, four up, one down


Eight-card - dealt two down, four up, two down; or dealt two down, five up, one down


Nine-card - dealt three down, four up, two down


Ten-card  - determine before dealing


            There is a betting round after each player has received his first face up card.  The player having the highest card (subsequently high hand) starts the betting.  Each player is dealt another card followed by another round of betting.  This continues until each player has the desired number of cards and then there is the showdown.  Can be played as high, low, or high-low.


MISCELLANEOUS - Any of a number of combinations not covered above.  (Anything goes type poker.)


WILD CARD GAMES - declaring any rank(s) (or suit or any specifically named cards) as wild.  May be used in conjunction with any form of the game.




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