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SuperClass PISCES Linnaeus, 1758- fishes
Class OSTEICHTHYES Huxley, 1880- bony fishes
Subclass ACTINOPTERYGII Cope, 1887- ray-finned fishes
Infraclass CHONDROSTEI Muller, 1844- chondrostean fishes
Order ACIPENSERIFORMES Berg, 1940- sturgeons and paddlefishes
Family POLYODONTIDAE Bonaparte, 1837- paddlefishes

Family:Polyodontidae Bonaparte, 1837-paddlefishes
(=Prionidae Swainson, 1839; Spatularidae Zittel, 1890) Genus: Polyodon Lacepede, 1797, pg.54-American paddlefishes
(=Megarhinus Rafinesque, 1820, pg.251 for paradoxus Rafinesque, 1820, pg.251; Platirostra LeSueur, 1818, pg.223 for edentula LeSueur, 1818;? Proceros Rafinesque, 1820, pg.87 for maculatus Rafinesque, 1820, pg.87- nomen dubium-; Spatularia Shaw, 1804, gp.362 for spathula Walbaum, 1792) Polyodon spathula (Walbaum, 1792, pg.522)- American paddlefish * type species by monotypy (as Squalus spathula Walbaum, 1792) (=edentula LeSueur, 1818, pg.227, Type locality: Ohio River, U.S.A.;feuille Lacepede, 1797, pg.49, Type locality: unknown;folium Bloch et Schneider, 1801, pg.457, Type locality: Mississippi River, American Louisiana, U.S.A.;? maculatus Rafinesque, 1820, pg. 87, Type locality: Genevieve, Missouri, U.S.A.-nomen dubium -;paradoxus Rafinesque, 1820, pg.251-not
available, name only-pristis Rafinesque, 1818, pg.354, Type locality: Ohio River, U.S.A.-not available, name only-; reticulata, Shaw, 1804, pg. 362, Type locality: Indian Seas[questionable]; vittatus Rafinesque, 1820, pg. 87, Type locality: Lake Ontario, North America) Distribution: Mississippi River drainage, North America Type locality: Mississippi River in Louisiana, U.S.A. (based upon Mauduyt, 1774-no type known) Polyodon tuberculata Grande et Bemis, 1991, pg. 38-American Paleocene paddlefish
Distribution: Montana; Paleocene Type locality: Tullock Formation, Montana. (UCMP) Genus: Psephurus Gunther, 1873, pg. 250-Chinese paddlefishes
Psephurus gladius (Martens, 1861, pg. 476)-Chinese paddlefish * type species by monotypy (as Polyodon gladius Martens, 1861)
(=angustifolium Kaup, 1862, pg.278, Type locality: Japanese Sea) Distribution: Yangtze River, China Type locality: Yangtze River, China. (?ZMB) Fossil forms: Genus: Crossopholis Cope, 1883, pg. 162-American Eocene paddlefishes (=Crossophilus Jordan, 1920, pg. 434; Crossophilus Cope, 1883) Crossophilus magnicaudatus Cope, 1886, pg. 162-American Eocene paddlefish * type species by monotypy Distribution: W North America; Eocene Type locality: Fossil Butte Member of the Green River Formation, Wyoming (AMNH) Genus: Paleopsephurus MacAlpin, 1941, pg. 1989-American Cretaceous paddlefishes
Paleopsephurus wilsoni MacAlpin, 1941, pg. 1989-Wilson's paddlefish * type species by monotypy Distribution: W Europe; Upper Cretaceous Type locality: Upper Cretaceous chalk of England. (BMNH)
[Note: some do not include this genus in the Family Polyodontidae]
Genus: Protosephurus Lu, 1994, pg. 135-Jurassic paddlefishes Protosephurus liui Lu, 1994, pg. 135-Chinese Jurassic paddlefish * type species by monotypy Distribution: Upper Jurassic, northeast China Type locality: Upper Jurassic, Yixian Formation, Songzhanghi Village, Lingyuan County
Lianoning Province, northeast China.