News from IST

Students compete in programming contest

Six students, forming two teams, competed at the annual ACM programming contest held at UNL in November, 2008. The team of Herschel Ralston, Beau Christ, and Curtis Mackie placed 25th out of 211 teams in the region by correctly completing 7 of the 9 problems. The team of Todd Finner, Kenley Reimers, and Chris Craven correctly completed 2 of the 3 problems they submitted for judging.

Program changes are proposed

Several new changes to the IST program have been submitted this year for approval. One change is to the cognates of both the computer science major and information systems major. All cognates were removed in place of a required minor. In addition, three pairs of courses were each combined into a single course. These pairs include Software Engineering I and Software Engineering II; Database Application Development and Web Application Development; and Operating Systems and Computer Architecture. The combination of the courses into single courses allow the members of the IST faculty to maintain the desired college workload while at the same time, ensuring that all courses in the catalog are offered at least every other year.